We're an AdWords Premier Partner* with over 10 years of AdWords experience

Google AdWords Premier Partner

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AdWords Premier Partner

Unlimited Keywords

Unlimited AdGroups

Multiple Campaigns

Ongoing optimisation

Ads A/B Tested for Performance

Time &/or Location Specific Targeting

Ability to Pause if you're too busy

Fully Transparent Reporting

Linked to Your Google Analytics™

Optional SEO capability

No Lock In Contract

Questions You Should Ask

These are questions to ask BEFORE you decide upon the Pay Per Click (PPC) or SEO partner for you.
Print these Due Diligence For Google AdWords™ and Search Engine Optimisation Providers questions.

Due diligence for Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimisation providers! – or any other online digital services!

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What is your Australian ABN?
  • What is your address so I can look you up on Google Street view?
  • Three current referees I can call for conformation of service delivery
  • Samples of reports and frequency provided
  • No lock in contract for fixed term
  • Do you “outsource” any of your work?

Additional Google AdWords questions 

  • What Google qualifications do you and/or your staff have?  Link to your Google Partner profile on Google’s website
  • What is your monthly spend under management? A screen capture from your Google Mission Control Centre (MCC)

If you are using an existing Google AdWords provider.

  • Can you get "Read Access" to your Google AdWords account
  • Access to both your Google AdWords account and Google Analytics so you can prove that money spent goes to Google and not the agency.
  • Goals set up, where appropriate
  • Copy of negative keywords
  • Assignment of at least one client manager by name, email and phone number
  • Bid adjustments
  • All Ad extension where appropriate
  • Exposure to Google Remarking, Google Shopping and Display ads  – if appropriate

Additional SEO questions/requirements for existing or proposed providers. 

  • Do you provide a “no obligation” audit that clearly shows items and processes for your website?
  • Ownership of all content and access to publication platforms that you have created. User name and passwords provided
  • No need for a link on our website
  • Monthly keyword positioning performance/reports on Google SERP’s
  • Inclusion of Google My Business optimisation 
  • Name, email, and phone number of dedicated manager
  • Can you implement website changes?

We will happily answer all these questions!

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Who we are.

Monte Huebsch - CEO, Google AdWords Qualified Individual
More at www.MonteHuebsch.com

Jeff Ferguson - Co-owner, Director of Sales

Allen Kamp - Google AdWords Qualified Indiviual.

Max Shubin - Google AdWords Qualified Individual

Tino Gaka - Google AdWords Qualified Individual