Now that you have achieved qualified traffic going to your web site, it’s time to get serious about "conversion" and the recently introduced Google AdWords Quality Score. Google now evaluates the page on your site that you take people to. They want it to "reflect" the keywords you have bid on and the text in your Google AdWords ad. These need to be "congruent" for you to achieve a high AdWords Quality Score – that improves your ad page position and cost per click.

Google now even evaluates how "quickly" your web site loads, so web hosting now plays a part. While we want a good or even great quality score from Google to contain and control our costs, what we really need to round out the equation is great conversion rates from visitors to sales or sign ups. Google Analytics is the tool of choice for this. It provides invaluable information on the behaviour and interaction of your web visitor with your web site. It identifies all your strengths and weaknesses to you can refine and tune your web presence for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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