Control Your Reputation

Online reputation control is a must. Don’t wait for a complaint or poor reviews before you take action. Get out in front of the competition and internet trolls. The fastest and easiest way to build and protect your online reputation is through Question and Answer (Q&A) videos like this one.

"Google™ yourself"

Control the "reputation" for your name, company and brand before someone else does!

It is fast, easy and inexpensive. Call or fill in the form on the right and let's make you a star!

The Process

  • We have one of our producers interview you over the internet, on your webcam, for 10 minutes once a month.
  • From this, we create a range of digital media content including videos, podcasts, slide decks and transcripts.
  • Digital media editing is approved by you prior to publishing on your digital media accounts.
  • If you don’t have a YouTube channel or other digital media accounts, we can create them for you. And if you would rather keep your passwords secret then we can send the content to you for you to publish yourself.
  • We don’t use a script for the video interview because you are an expert when it comes to talking about your business and if you need prompting our producer will ask leading questions about your business.

Talking about business for a few minutes is easy and natural because it is what you do. Whatever your business is, you know the answers to all the questions and that’s the easy way to create original content.

"No Scripts - No Studio - No Film Crew - You're the Expert."

By using the internet to record you in your usual environment, there is no studio time or film crew required. Instead of the old school $5,000 to $10,000 for a film shoot, the fee involved is only $770 a month (incl. GST). There is no contract or fixed term.