Google AdWords

Pay Per Click advertising with Google AdWords is one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business and sell your products and services that exists today.

Commonly known as "Pay Per Click" (PPC), "Cost Per Click" (CPC) or "Sponsored Links", you pay Google only when a potential customer visits your website after clicking on your advertisement.

Generating "qualified traffic" for your web site is a combination of the three key factors in Google AdWords. The Google AdWords formula:

Keywords + Ad Copy + Landing Page relevance = Quality Score.

Keywords providing quality leads need to be "appropriate" keywords. Not high volume "generic keywords" but 2, 3 and maybe more even more targeted phrases.
Ad Copy needs multiple elements to attract and persuade an ad viewer to click on an ad. This creates the "Click Through Rate" (CTR) that influences your ad position and cost.
Landing Page relevance means your website page that is most appropriate for that set of keywords and ad copy, not just the homepage of your site, but one specific to the keywords and designed to entice customers to contact you.

It is your keyword strategy, ad copy text and landing page relevance that determines the volume and quality of your Google AdWords traffic, and thus the effectiveness of your pay per click marketing.

Benefits of Google AdWords:

  • Advertise your business to people specifically searching on Google for your services or products.
  • Pay only when someone clicks on one of your Ads.
  • Set your own daily spend or monthly budget. The amount you spend is up to you.
  • Target specific times and locations.

Google AdWords Management – Get It Done by AdWords Experts

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