Since the inception of Google AdWords, we have modified our business to become industry recognised experts in AdWords. See the Logos on the right. We have achieved compliance with Google's requirements to be an Australian Google AdWords Premier Partner.

The Google AdWords system is dynamic and changes on a weekly basis. Because of this, you probably fall into one of the following three groups.

  • Use AdWords successfully today, but have a feeling that there is still more to be squeezed out of the system.
  • Use AdWords, but realise that increased complexity and competition is driving down your returns.
  • Used AdWords in the past successfully but now you are barely breaking even or may even be losing money.

No worries, we can help with a Google AdWords Audit - at no cost to you.

Our Audit is a two page review that compares your campaign to Google's own best practice document. This document is NOT available to the general public but is made available to their resellers. We include Google's own benchmark documentation when we prepare your audit review. The review is a 9 point audit that is responsible for 90% of the efficiency and effectiveness of a Google AdWords campaign and tested and proven by Google.

To request an audit:

Just give us a call or book a time on using the form on the right hand side of this page and we will call you.

Please note, once we have checked out your site and trialled some searches, if we believe we can add value, we will contact your so we can gain access to your AdWords account. We must have access directly to your account and not just the reports. This is the only way we can audit the structure of your Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords. We also require that you have a minimum daily spend of $10 per day to conduct our in-depth audit.

AdWords is becoming a difficult Do It Yourself (DIY) system. Changes are occurring too quickly, competitors are bidding up prices and the whole "Quality Score" issues have hurt many long term Google users.

You know your business, best. You are the best driver of the vehicle, but we are the best mechanics in town. Let's have a look at your program.

We are NOT motivated to increase your spend but your Return on Investment (ROI). Given what your time is worth, we believe that you are better served driving your business car and leaving the maintenance to us.

All the best from AussieWeb Conversion Team.