There is only one way to leverage the targeting of Google AdWords and the principle of SEO to drive qualified traffic to your website.

  • Interviews with the smart staff in your company who are industry experts.
  • Narrow topic knowledge that demonstrates your “authority”.
  • Video, podcast and a journalistic quality article to establish your trustworthiness.

Rinse and repeat regularly after you have “carpet bombed” the internet. See distribution below.


Why your competitors are succeeding:
What failure looks like:
Consistently create “high quality” authoritative original content - weekly or fortnightly.
Hope a long outsourced blog post will get you by for a few months.
Content is “repurposed” as audio, video and text
Each content type uses a different producer.
All content is scheduled for frequency and distribution.
Content is published when available or from opportunistic activities. Formats vary and distribution is haphazard.
Qualified journalists write ALL text based content in a story format.
Outsourced people and new hires are in charge of content creation.
Content is narrow in topic but deep in scope.
Content attempts to be all things to all people – too general.
Digital presence is scheduled weeks and months in advance. Everyone can see the program.
Digital creation is patchy and future content is unknown and unscheduled.
Taking advantage of “newsjacking” regularly occurs.
Newsjacking rarely occurs without adequate time to perform.
Manages processes and schedules.
Manages people and 3rd parties.


Carpet Bombing distribution:
VideoClient Web Site  Once1
PodcastClient Web SiteOnce1
StoryClient Web SiteOnce1
Original Header new for each posting  FacebookTwice a week  8
Original Header new for each postingLInkedInTwice a week8
Original Header new for each postingG+Once1
Original Header new for each postingPinterestOnce1
Original Tweet - new for each tweetTwitterTwice a week8