Boost your marketing

Being on the first page of Google™ and YouTube™ boosts your marketing and sales. Frequently publishing original content about your business is the best way to improve your ranking. While there are over 200 signals that Google uses original content demonstrates your Mastery of your business domain. Republishing materials from other sites can get your ranking reduced.

Original content is key.

Frequently creating and publishing original content on all your social media accounts is a good idea, but actually doing it month after month takes a lot of time and effort and many well intentioned efforts fizzle out before they are 3 months old.

To make it easy, and to prove that its original content, we use online video in a question-and-answer session to help you create original content every month. We have one of our producers interview you over the internet on your webcam for 10 minutes and from this, we create a range of social media content including videos, podcasts, slide decks and transcripts that we publish on your social media accounts. If you don’t have a YouTube channel or other social media accounts, we can create them for you. And if you would rather keep your passwords secret then we can send the content to you for you to publish yourself.

We don’t use a script for the video interview because you are an expert when it comes to talking about your own business and if you need prompting our producer will ask a leading question about your business. Talking about business for a few minutes is easy and natural for you because it is what you do. Whatever your business is, you know the answers to all the questions and that’s the easy way to create original content. Then we leap into action with transcripts and editing for your approval, prior to publishing.

What we do is not a secret.

It is just following Google’s advice and creating original content literally from the horse’s mouth and we repurpose it for other authoritative websites. Because we use an experienced team of audio and video editors to produce 11 posts from your one ten minute video, and it is all your original words, Google and YouTube will love it and so will your potential customers.

It won’t work overnight but it will work.

Email or call us now for examples from others who have done it and to organise a time for your first video interview. Fixed price, no ongoing contracts and no lock in.