Why Business Radio?

Radio in Australia is dominated by two groups: Southern Cross Austereo and Australian Radio Network

Both of these groups support numerous internet radio stations and recently have partnered with podcast platforms https://www.acast.com/ and https://www.whooshkaa.com/ for premium content.

Recognising this evolving internet trend Aussieweb Conversion is the Australian Partner for Business Radio talkers.fm

The Benefits

Radio interviews using a Question and Answer format are the most effective for business promotion because:

  • Recorded over the phone from your office. Fast and NOT live.
  • Easy to edit. Recorded errors corrected as they occur.
  • Q and A means content created is both long and short form.
  • Assets created include transcripts, audios, slide shows, videos and podcasts
  • Everything can be repurposed to promote you and your business.

Talking about business for a few minutes is easy and natural because it is what you do. Whatever your business is, you know the answers to all the questions and that’s the easy way to create original content.

"No Scripts - No Studio - No Film Crew - You're the Expert."

The Interviewer and Station

Interviews are conducted over the phone by ABC Radio Commentator, Wayne Bucklar

Business Radio is built by the team that made Health Professional Radio the leader in the “health care radio” space world wide. healthprofessionalradio.com.au

Recent sessions can be heard on Business Radio talkers.fm and there's a sample interview.